Yoga and other energy work for inner and outer strength! Fay's style is unique and powerful!  

This Year's Nalini Teacher Training course is well under way. Watch this space for the next batch of inspiring yoga teachers!

Get in touch now! Nalini Freestyle with Fay and Garry.

Nalini Yoga Teacher Training Course embodies the principles of Yoga. Our roots are steeped in compassion and is dedicated to swadhaya, ahimsa, and satya. 

Our course is not a "factory" manufactured course, it is developed with all the elements needed to become a freelance, professionally insured yoga teacher.

We are actively committed to retaining the traditions of yogic teachings and to preserve the traditions that have been in place for thousands of years

 Our teacher training course is neither a British Wheel  or  Yoga Alliance UK registered or recognised course.


Fay is also here to help you in other ways! Fay is an Energy Healer! Yes thats right, an Energy Healer! No matter what the issue, concern, problem, fear, phobia - Fay can help you release the negative emotion/s related to the issue/s! For more details go to the EFT page.


Go see the Emotional Freedom Therapies page and get in touch if you would like some help in clearing blocked energy and erasing old negative thought patterns and limiting life patterns.

EFT along with a little Reiki can unlock your door to Emotional Freedom and physical and mental well being - you just need to get in touch. Then come back to this page and see the video on yoga with 5 simple tips. The classes page will help you decide which class is best for you. See you soon !



        5 Simple Tips on Yoga and Life       

  Click on the link to see me talking about yoga and 5  simple ways to make your life better!

Fay teaches Yoga in and around Coventry, Coundon and Warwickshire. Fay's classes are always a challenge and she has inspired many of her students to become yoga teachers in their own right.

 Fay's yoga not only changes your body shape but the unique style encourages you to look at yourself, your life, from a different perspective helping you to peal away layers of false self, encouraging your own inner light to shine through and live the life you have always wanted to...

Fay is also attuned to Reiki level two and is moving forwards to full reiki treatments......keep an eye on the reiki page! Contact Fay if you would like a reiki treatment! 07847366303


This site is to go more in depth about how yoga opens and transforms your life. How the seeds are planted in the very first class you attend. How the seductive power of yoga is an addictive calling to go deeper into yourself.

When you experience first hand how magical yoga is, all resistance becomes futile




I'm always surprised at how many people I meet starting yoga for fitness reasons, only to find that yoga changes their lives far beyond the physical!  They come to the realisation that they cannot just separate yoga as a purely recreational activity like sport from their lives, as yoga asks them to abide by yogic principles. Yoga reaches far deeper than the postures themselves. A regular practice of yoga forces you to re-evaluate your whole lifestyle, including your friendships, your relationships and your working life. I have seen many students make huge changes to their lives as the practice of yoga helps us to see who we really are, what we really want to get out of our lives and who we want to be with.

A regular yoga practice helps to peal away layers of ourselves,  these layers are called"false self" the self who has always conformed to what society and our close relationships have come to expect of us.

The deep rythmic breathing, along with specific postures and movements, open up and unblock subtle energy centres with in us.

 This has the immediate effect of cleansing  us physically and emotionally. Eventually, our true, authentic self comes to the surface!  This is when other people " think we have changed", but in reality, we have only become who we were meant to be all along!!  Free, to be who we were put on this earth to be! To be our true, authentic selves.....



Fay teaches Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, HathaYoga, Presicion Yoga and Total Beginners Yoga in and around Coventry, Warwickshire and the Midlands.



Helpful Hints for practicing a flowing yoga practice

Create Rhythm in Your Practice -

Ride the energy supplies through synchronization of

 your breath and movement within each vinyasa the

 breath is our refuge and should be our guide into and

 out of each asana as well as the point of focus while

 remaining in the asana.


Regulate your practice -

 It is better to practice 3 times a week for a year than

to do 7 days a week one month then nothing the next

 month. Stay regulated and the benefits will come.



Make time to practice -

We find many reasons not to practice, it is up to you

  to make a it a priority like brushing your teeth.

 Remember - little is better than nothing and the

 hardest part of your practice is getting to the front of

 the mat!


Create a nice space when practicing at home-

It is important to be alone and have a nice clean

 orderly space with no phones or tv sets on! Enjoy your

 practice. To practice, is to nourish ourselves weather in

 a class or alone. Take pleasure in your practice. It is

 good to finish a session and be looking forward to the

 next one.


Be relaxed, enjoy every breath!

Fay teaches many classes in and around coventry and

 warwickshire. see classes page for full details. e mail

 fay on or call 07847366303


Fay is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK.

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